What it does

The Bagen® mirror demister effectively stops a mirror from fogging by warming all or a portion of the mirror. Advantages of the Bagen® mirror demister are:

  • Light and thin: the thickness of the film is 0.4mm, this guarantees the effective transfer of minimal energy.
  • Energy saving: the demister is attached via fully self-adhesive backing, this ensures effective energy conduction.
  • Safe to use: the Bagen® demister is manufactured using top grade materials according to international standards. The finished product quality conforms to the corresponding international standard. The self adhesive backing is not only good for heat conducting but also protects against water to ensure safety in the bathroom.
  • Various options: the warming area of the demister is available in different shapes and sizes as well as rectangular, oval and round.
  • Easy to install: the self-adhesive backing makes it easy to install on any mirror